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There certainly is! While the original Sandhi Sudha Oil worked very well, advances in processing and a new formulation of the active natural extracts make Sandhi Sudha Plus work even better at reducing your pain and helping your body heal itself faster. This stronger version of Sandhi Sudha oil will help your body produce more synovial fluid and repair joint damage, as well as spinal and cervical damage. It also comes in a new larger size, so you can experience the benefits of being pain free both quickly and at a good price. Pain relief doesn't have to be as expensive anymore!

Sandhi Sudha oil isn't just for the aged either. We all have 210 joints and 206 bones that need synovial fluid, and the best thing you can do to insure you stay healthy as you get older is to start taking care of yourself now. And if you already have pain issues or joint problems, then you need to use a natural product that can reverse the damage you have, as well. Using this amazing oil regularly will restore your joints and prevent further damage, allowing you to enjoy a pain free life. Sandhi Sudha oil brings both immediate relief from pain and long term healing, unlike many of the pain relief products on the market--it really is the best choice available today for pain relief.

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  • Immediate and lasting relief from joint, arthritis, back pain, body aches and shoulder pain.
  • Natural, relaxing and energizing--you'll feel the difference!
    Sandhi Sudha Oil will help increase synovial fluid production, healing and lubricating your joints.
  • Effective for back pain in women.
  • Also provides effective relief for muscle pains and strains.
  • Even works on severely damaged and frozen joints! Regain the functionality you used to have, and enjoy life.


By: Girish Patel, Ahemdabad.
This is a great product for all those who have problems with joint pains. I highly recommend it.

By: Sayog Tiwari, Delhi
This product is unbelievable. Thanks to the manufactures and everyone involved in making it, I now live a better and happier life. Thanks all of you.

By: A Meta, Mathura
This product has given me back my life. I can now walk again. I had severe back pains therefore; I could not walk on my own. I needed someone to support me wherever I went but this is not the case anymore. I am very happy for having discovered Sandhi Sudha Oil.

By: Amit Gupta, Indore
For 5 years, I had excruciating back pains that made me take a risk of ordering the oil. I used it for a week but there was no change but I continued using it anyway. I was amazed to find that after a month, most of the pain, in fact 70% of it had disappeared.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Sandhi Sudha Joint Pain Relief Oil

Question: What makes Sandhi Joint Pain Oil Relief better than the extracts gotten from the Mussel that are out there in the market?
Answer: It is basically the only product out there that has been backed by research done by independent scientific bodies. It is manufactured without using solvents. It strictly follows a natural method. The result is a pure extract that is actually active from the green lipped mussel. The quality of the Sandhi oil is maintained as a result of regular testing of the product to ensure that high standards are maintained. This makes it stand out when compared to other products out there.

Question: How does the Sandhi oil work when it comes to reducing joint Pain?
Answer: This particular oil is known to function in several ways when it comes to ensuring that the joints remain supple. One of the main advantages that it holds over others is the fact that it does not result in any gastric disturbance.

Question: Are the Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine present in the Sandhi Oil?
Answer: The extract from the Green Lipped Mussel has a small quantity of the chondroitin sulfate as well as the glucosaminoglycans which result from the conversion of the glucosamine found in the body. All these usually have some benefits for the joints.

Question: Is there a difference between the Sandhi oil and fish oils?
Answer: Fish oils are known to have vitamins as well as fats but he sandhi sudha oil contains more. It has a host of compounds which have nutrients which are essential for keeping the joints supple.

Question: Is there a specific time that the Sandhi Oil can be said to be most effective?
Answer: This oil does not have a prescription. You can take it in bits spread out through the day or simply take it at once. The results are the same.

Question: Is there a particular period within which the Sandhi oil should be taken?
Answer: The time basically varies from one person to another. There are some who reduce their consumption after the first few months while there are others who have to take the it for longer before they start experiencing the effects. The great thing about it has no side effects.

Question: How long does one need to take the Sandhi oil before they start feeling relief to their joints as well as improved mobility?
Answer: This also varies from one person to another but most people were reported to start enjoying the benefits of the Sandhi oil after using it for around a month to two months.

Question: Does the Sandhi Oil have color and preservatives?
Answer: The good thing about Sandhi oil is that it has no preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, gluten, yeast, wheat, milk derivatives, corn and starch.

Question: Can the Sandhi Oil Be prescribed for children?
Answer: This oil is designed for all people including small children. Those who are above 3 years can take it in the form of tablets while younger ones can take it in its formulation form.

Question: Is Sandhi oil safe for vegetarians?
Answer: This oil is extracted from the Green Lipped Mussels which are marine animals. They also have gelatin and bovine which means it is not of vegetarian origin.